About us

Khunnapap Jewellery Supplies has been established as a joint venture between Nickhunj Group India and Hatam Group Thailand with the full backing of Kerr USA. We are established to support and provide casting solutions to all jewellery manufacturers in the South East Asian Market – mainly Thailand and other ASEAN countries.

Promoters Profile:

The promoters are HATAM group from Bangkok and NICKUNJ group from India. HATAM is renowned company in Thailand having an immense experience of jewelry manufacturing for the past 30 years and NICKUNJ is one of the leading companies of India engaged in diversified strategic businesses across PAN India for past 30 years.













With years of experience on various manufacturing processes, KHUNNAPAP is capable of offering complete solutions across manufacturing verticals. Be it mold making, casting, finishing of jewellery; TEAM Khunnapap is equipped to provide solutions at every stage of manufacturing.

At KHUNNAPAP, we believe that all manufacturing procedures are processes of transformation - transforming your Vision into Reality.

We carry a wide product range including machines, tools and consumables of international standing and quality. We offer all the right solutions to make the process of transforming your dream to reality.

Our TEAM at KHUNNAPAP offers the best Quality products at the most Competitive PRICES and Prompt/Expert Technical SUPPORT & SERVICE.